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Hi and welcome to my blog on business intelligence with a focus on Tableau and cubes and how they are great partners together and on Microsoft SQL Server PDW/APS.

However that is not the topic for my first post. My topic here is the tools that I use for writing the blogs. One option is naturally just to use the web browser for writing the blogs. However, it is not easy to add pictures in a naturally flow.

Second option was to use Windows Live Writer that works great for publising. However I do some of my writing on company computers that are locked down or on Mac where Windows Live Writer doesn’t work.

Third idea was to use OneNote for writing my blog posts. Here I have something that works across devices and that I already use for a lot of other stuff. After a little googling I found a plugin that could be used to import documents from OneNote into WordPress

This is how it looks in OneNote

In order to transfer the data between OneNote and WordPress you need to

  1. Install a plugin in WordPress
  2. Authorize your blog to connect to your

Download the plugin from this site

Read this great blogpost on how the integration works

There has been some updates to the plugin since Michaels review, but div tags still need to be removed

2 thoughts on “Blogging with OneNote

  • Have you considered using Word for blogging and get all the great formatting capacities of the product even for wordpress?

    • Yes, have considered word, but OneNote works great on my corporate lab top, my iPad, my Mac and my phone. And the data is nicely synchronized between them.
      And I use OneNote more than word in my daily work 😉


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